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About Royal Plaza Living

The glue that connects us all in the retirement living industry is a culture of service and the desire to do good. At Olympus Retirement Living, we want to be a Force For Good for our residents, our employees, and the communities that we serve.


Olympus was created from our desire to build a company where family comes first. Family is often the core of why people do anything, and it impacts how they do everything.


Owning our vision and helping others see the value in their service is what makes us show up for work each day.


At Olympus, we take on the  responsibility of doing things right.


By celebrating each day, we are able to care for our employees and our residents with a happy heart and a clear focus on what really matters.


All of our collective experiences and dedicated efforts will create a positive ripple effect with our residents, employees, and the communities we serve.


Meet Our Team

The Royal Plaza leadership team. A group of men and women standing in 3" of snow next to a large brick sign that says Royal Plaza of Olympus Living. An American Flag flies high on a pole behind the sign with a tan building in the background.

The Royal Plaza Team

The Royal Plaza of Olympus Residential Living team strives to be a force for good in the residential living industry. Our friendly, compassionate, highly qualified team members provide access to an active, comfortable, and engaging lifestyle.

Olympus was created from our desire to build a company where family comes first.

Olympus allows us to make a positive impact in an industry we feel passionate about. Serving, caring, and improving lives is our mission.

Our goal is to create an employee-centric culture that encompasses our values and is long-lasting and meaningful.